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Success Stories

Some Rescued Children's Stories




Ajay and his elder brother were staying in a hostel for education but since their father couldn’t pay their fees, the owner made them work instead.  Instead of receiving an education, they were forced to work long hours in the hostel’s kitchen, suffering both physical and mental abuse at the hands of the owner.  A Bachpan Bachao Andolan worker rescued the two brothers and brought them to the Bal Ashram.




From the age of eight, Ramesh was forced to work as a bonded laborer in a brick kiln factory with his family.  He was rescued from the factory and lived at the Ashram for eight months before returning home.   Ramesh began attending school but was forced to return to the factory; eventually, he was sold to a hotel owner who forced him to work menial jobs and repeatedly beat him.  Ramesh finally escaped and found safety at the Bal Ashram.




When he was in second grade, Sumit left school and began working in a grocery store.  As a delivery boy, Sumit worked from early in the morning to late in the evening, earning meager pay for a ten hour workday.  Since coming to the Bal Ashram, Sumit has become an extroverted child with a talent for art and a deep interest in school.




Imtiyaz was sent to live with an uncle because of false promises that he would attend school; instead, he was forced to work at an embroidery, or zari, factory for sixteen hours a day.  Sick with a fever one day, Imtiyaz fell asleep at work and his employer attacked him with a pair of scissors.  The factory was raided and Bachpan Bachao Andolan workers rescued Imtiyaz and brought him to the Ashram.  Imtiyaz has thrived at Bal Ashram; he attends school and has excelled academically.  Imtiyaz loves to sing classical music and plays the harmonium and synthesizer.

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