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Success Stories

Some Rescued Children's Stories




Ajay and his elder brother had been residing in a hostel to pursue their education. However, due to their father's inability to pay their fees, the hostel owner coerced them into working instead. Despite their dreams of learning, they were subjected to grueling hours in the hostel's kitchen, enduring physical and emotional abuse at the hands of their captor. Fortunately, a Bachpan Bachao Andolan worker rescued the siblings from their plight and brought them to the Bal Ashram for rehabilitation.




Ramesh was coerced into working as a bonded laborer in a brick kiln factory along with his family since the age of eight. After being rescued from the factory, he spent eight months at the Ashram before returning home and starting school. However, he was eventually forced to go back to the factory and was even sold to a hotel owner who subjected him to physical abuse while making him do menial jobs. Ramesh was finally able to escape and found refuge at the Bal Ashram.




In second grade, Sumit left school and started working as a delivery boy in a grocery store, toiling for ten hours a day with minimal pay. However, after being rescued and brought to the Bal Ashram, Sumit's life took a positive turn. He has transformed into an outgoing child with an artistic flair and a passion for learning.




Imtiyaz was deceived into working at an embroidery factory by his uncle who had promised to send him to school. Instead, he was subjected to grueling sixteen-hour workdays. One day, when he fell asleep at work due to a fever, his employer attacked him with a pair of scissors. Imtiyaz was rescued by the workers of Bachpan Bachao Andolan during a raid and brought to Bal Ashram where he has been able to thrive. He now attends school and has shown remarkable academic progress. In addition to his studies, Imtiyaz has also developed a passion for singing classical music and playing musical instruments like the harmonium and synthesizer.

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