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Our Team

The senior board of high schoolers from across Fairfax County makes up the student organization, which has recently welcomed a new junior board of middle and high school students to join their cause. The organization, along with over 500 volunteers throughout the U.S., has been actively working for a decade to provide survivors of child trafficking in India with the necessary resources and tools to pursue education, careers, and a brighter future.

Student Board of Directors


Medhnaa Saran

President and Co-Founder

Medhnaa Saran, co-founder and president of the Touch of Life Foundation, embarked on her journey a decade ago at Kailash Satyarthi's orphanages with a strong desire to make a positive impact on the lives of child labor and human trafficking victims. Through bake sales, events, and clothing drives, she has raised funds and clothing for rescued children, while also speaking to congressmen and representatives to advocate for legal amendments and raise awareness about this cause. Currently, Medhnaa is leading the "Not My Child" campaign, advocating for mandatory annual assemblies in schools to educate students on identifying the signs of child trafficking and labor. When not working on her foundation, Medhnaa enjoys playing competitive golf, robotics, and mentoring teams in science and math competitions. She is a freshman at the University of Maryland.

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Kushaan Saran

Vice President and Co-Founder

Kushaan Saran, co-founder and vice president of the Touch of Life Foundation, is currently a senior at Pinnacle Academy. He has organized sports tournaments, bake sales, and clothes drives to raise funds and support victims of child trafficking. Kushaan is passionate about robotics and has been an active member of his high school's FRC team, winning first place in regionals last year. He also competes in Science Olympiad and is a member of the National Honor Society. As an avid golfer, Kushaan participates in both local and national tournaments. His inspiration, Kailash Satyarthi, the 2014 Nobel Laureate, has guided him and Medhnaa in their efforts to make a difference in the fight against child trafficking and labor.

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Avani Mehta

Volunteer Supervisor & Social Media

Avani Mehta is the Vice President of Touch of Life Foundation’s Board of Directors. In addition, she is the head of all social media platforms for the organization. Avani also assists with marketing and outreach efforts. She actively spreads awareness by making posters and reaching out to local businesses for their support. Furthermore, she is a presenter/panelist for the virtual volunteer programs. She is a senior at James Madison High School in Northern Virginia. Avani is the Captain of her school’s debate team and Coxswain on the crew team. From a young age, she has been an avid student and performer of Bollywood dance and a graduate of classical Kathak dance. She is very grateful to be a part of an organization that has such a global impact.

Nayan Iyer

Nayan Iyer

Outreach and Tutoring

Nayan Iyer is a senior at James Madison High School. He feels strongly about volunteering for the Touch of Life foundation because it is important for every child to have the opportunity to an education, and to succeed. He is currently involved with applying for different grants in order to fund the Touch of Life Foundation, as well as creating different videos for the virtual volunteer program. He wants to make a difference in the community to ensure avenues for enrichment are available to all children. In his free time, he enjoys reading, skiing, and biking. He also participates in Science Bowl, Cyberpatriots, and Marching Band.

Begum Hussain

Outreach and Social Media

Begum is a sophomore at Pinnacle Academy as a dual enrollment student. She is part of the Outreach and Social Media committee. She enjoys basketball, Taekwondo, and playing the piano. She joined the Touch of Life Foundation in the spring of 2021, but has participated and helped before. She is very grateful to be a part of such an impactful organization.

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Adan Eftekhari

Outreach Director

Adan Eftekhari is currently a junior at Fairfax High School.  He is the eldest of 3 and was born in Fairfax, Virginia. He lived there for about a year and a half before moving to Doha, Qatar for his father’s work.  After Qatar, he and his family moved to Dubai, the United Arab Emirates for around a year and a half, before moving back to Fairfax, Virginia. Still living in Fairfax, Virginia currently, he enjoys school a lot and loves learning.  Adan’s favorite subjects are geography, math, and science. He also really enjoys sports and has been playing soccer for about 11 years. Adan currently plays on a local travel soccer club. Also, in his free time, he enjoys playing with friends, competing in schoolwide and nationwide competitions, studying  geography, and playing video games.

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Sahil Kapadia

Video Coordinator

Sahil is a junior at Thomas Jefferson High School.  He plays on the basketball team, and enjoys reading, playing piano, and football on the side.  Sahil is motivated to make an impact in the community by helping victims of human trafficking and abuse.

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Team: Team
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Fetin Hussain

Fundraising Team

Fetin Hussain is a senior at Pinnacle Academy. He has been volunteering with Touch of Life since its foundation and is a board member and part of the fundraising team. Fetin has also been coaching an AMC 8 Math Club at his school and has co-coached his school’s Future City team to the national competition. Additionally, Fetin himself has competed in AMC 10 and Science Olympiad and is a member of the National Honor Society. Fetin loves to play piano and is a 2nd-degree black belt and an avid basketball and soccer player. Fetin is grateful and inspired to be a board member of an organization with such an important cause.

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